Video of the production plant

We present you our production facility in Aspropirgos, Attica


ELVIART SA specializes in souvlaki pita bread production and has a dynamic presence in this sector since 1952. Back then Georgios Kaloidas started the business with a small workshop and it developed it to one of the biggest companies of the industry, having nowadays a fully automated production plant in Aspropirgos, Attica.

Possessing the number one position of the sector in terms of market share and number of employees, ELVIART was always a pioneer not only in the domestic market, but also abroad. ELVIART pita bread exports started in the early 80’s.

The vision

ELVIART aims to stay at the top of the sector by providing to consumers the tastiest pita bread. For 60 years the company has achieved being number one through continuous effort for improvement, investments in state of the art equipment and knowhow and mainly the “mojo” in the quest of making the perfect pita.

Thanks to recruiting specialized personnel and keep on investing in state of the art manufacturing equipment, ELVIART will continue to offer the highest quality products in a market that is facing continuous rising demand not only in Greece, but also globally.


Besides the classic flat Greek souvlaki pita bread, the company has enriched the offered products by adding other related dough delicacies, such as Pita pocket, pita square, whole meal pita and pizza base.

Where can you find…

ELVIART’s pitas are served in grill houses and restaurants across Greece, as well as in –not only Greek- restaurants all over Europe.

The products of the company can also be found at super markets. ELVIART delivers fresh pita bread daily to super markets within the Attica region, through the privately owned fleet of mini vans or mid-size trucks. Super markets in other regions of Europe are selling frozen ELVIART products that have a life span of 12 months.